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BASE  B1004C K-Speed S1P HRO SRC

The Base K Speed is a low cut durable shoe, stylish and provide the highest standard of comfort.



  • Toe Cap

  • Foot injuries at workplaces are very common and it may come in any shape and size. This is why wearing of safety shoes or boots with toe caps is essential as it will protect your feet from mishaps. The Base K Speed has an aluminium toe cap that will protect your feet from heavy falling objects when working.

  • Slip Resistant

  • The outer sole of this shoe has Double-density PU/ HRO rubber this provides your shoe with greater traction in slippery conditions. This non-slip shoe will stand up to tough working conditions with durability.

  • Heat Resistant

  • This safety shoe is resistant against extreme hot and cold temperatures. The Base K Speed has a double Density PU Sole / HRO Rubber with a heat resistance of up to 300° pby contact (1 minute).


  • Smell Stop

  • This shoe has Smell Stop built in the fabric lining with permanent anti-bacterial treatment. It prevents bacteria and fungus responsible for odours, from taking hold anywhere in your shoes. Prevents Bacteria and Fungus build up which stops bad smells and helps prevent conditions such as athletes foot. The anti-odour lining is scented which helps keep your shoes smelling fresh.

  • Dry'n Air

  • These shoes have a patented ventilation system which uses the foots natural movement as a pump to circulate cool air down through holes in the inner sole of the shoe and along specially designed airways before being expelled. This means that air circulates freely around the shoe and any moisture in the shoe is absorbed and expelled by the cool air. As a result it prevents feet from becoming sweaty and other associated conditions.

Base B1004C K-Speed S1P HRO SRC

SKU: B1004C K-Spped
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