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Videoscope Inspection Testing

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Videoscopes Inspection offers the best image quality available in flexible scopes. The scopes are flexible so that they can be inserted into many applications, from gas turbines to process and high purity piping. They include distal tip articulation and interchangeable optical tip adapters to maximize image quality in the specifics of your application.

Available systems include :

  • High Resolution Display Camera

  • High Intensity Light Source

  • Camera Control Unit (CCU)

  • Digital Storage or Videotape

Videoscope applications:

  • Inspection/approval for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, power plant industries

  • Inspection/approval drinking water pipes and waste water technology

  • Inspection for heat exchangers

  • Examination of walls for deposits, erosion, corrosion, crack formations

  • Examination of electropolished piping, orbital weld seams, longitudinal weld seams

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